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Gasification and Combustion

TEISLEVenergy presently participates in the development of advanced Technologies for Heat Recovery in Boilers and Gasification plants – including novel applications for Water based Packed Bed scrubbers and heat exchangers. This is carried out in cooperation with an innovative company

Supercritical Water

TEISLEVenergy presently participates in a project with a major manufacturer related to use of water under extreme pressure: A development project aimed at the conversion of waste water sludge (about 200 kg/h) into bio fuel under sub-critical conditions – the project is currently at standby – mainly because of the international financial crisis


Misc’l Projects

1.    Participates as technological advisor for a group of (so-called) “Business Angels” aimed at defining Business Ventures

2.    Development of software for the simulation of domestic heat pumps using the soil and ambient air as heat sources



TEISLEVenergy in 2005 – in cooperation with a major UK Off-shore Consulting Engineering Company – designed 6 large (gas engine exhaust heated) cross-flow heat exchangers for adjusting the utility grid temperature of evaporated liquid gas (capacity each about 20 kg/s of gas)

TEISLEVenergy in 2005/6 participated in a process development project aimed at cleaning hazardous contaminants from Waste Water (about 50 kg/h) under supercritical conditions

TEISLEVenergy in 2006/7 – in cooperation with The Technical University of Denmark and a Danish boiler manufacturer carried out a demonstration project aimed at the use of a novel (about 700 kW fuel input) woodchips gasifier technology for powering a gas engine

TEISLEVenergy in 2005/9 – in cooperation with The Technical University of Denmark – developed basic software for simulation of an Updraft Gasifier

TEISLEVenergy in 2007/8 participated in a development project aimed at use of an (about 600 kW fuel input) updraft woodchips gasifier for firing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Stirling engine based system

TEISLEVenergy in 2009/10 participated in the development of improved Ballast Water Management Technology with a major marine equipment manufacturer

TEISLEVenergy in 2007/ - Development and demonstration of highly advanced technology for combustion and energy recovery (thermal and/or CHP) from biomass fuel based systems. The technology has won several national and international prizes

TEISLEVenergy in 2010/12 – Development of a novel concept for marine freshwater generation