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Dr. Bjorn Teislev was born May 26, 1946. His Father - Richard B. Teislev - was a Protestant Pastor and later Dean for Randers County (Denmark).

After High School, Bjorn joined the Royal Danish Navy and was discharged as non-commissioned officer from the Navy 1967 (partly serving at Torpedo Boats and partly at land-based naval facilities).

He got his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1974 and carried out his Ph.D. degree in Thermodynamics (Thesis: Simulation of Thermal Systems).



Curriculum Vitae:


1978 - 1979    Burmeister & Wain Group: Member of New Technologies Innovation Group under the Company Corporate Management

Technologies: Steam Ejectors, Large Diesel powered Heat Pumps, Wave Energy Technology


1979 - 1981    Ramboll & Hannemann (Major Consulting Engineer): Specializing in new Businesses and Clients in the Energy Sector

Technologies: Resorption Heat Pumps, Steel Furnace Heat recovery, Waste Energy Plants and District Heating


1981 - 1982    NORDFORSK (under Nordic Industrial Foundation): Project Definition and Financing of co-operation between Industries and Universities in the Nordic Countries

Technologies: Fishing Fleet Energy saving, Offshore Well Blow-out control, Coal-firing Technologies, Polymer Technology


1982 - 1983    Foss Electric: Division Manager Analysis Equipment, responsible for: R&D, Manufacturing, QA, Marketing, Sales/ Service

Technologies: Foodstuff Analysis, Slaughterhouse online Quality Analysis, Digitalization of (Analog) Analytical Instruments


1983 - 1985    Atlas Danmark: Technical Manager for Marine Division, responsible for R&D, Projects Execution and Service

Technologies: Freshwater Generators, Marine Steering Gear, Solid Waste Furnaces and Wastewater Equipment


1985 - 1990    Erik Roug: Division Director for Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Wind Turbine Towers, Steel Structures and Industrial Heat Recovery Systems

Technologies: ISO9001 QA introduction, Restructuring of Manufacturing Plant, Software Development, Product and Market Development


1990 - 1991    TO-Engineering: Consulting Engineer (private Business) - a kind of predecessor for TEISLEVenergy (see below)

Technologies: Development of Electronic Weighing Cells, Solar Collectors for Arctic utilization, Mathematical Basis for Supercrititical Processes


1991 - 2005    Babcock & Wilcox Volund: R&D Manager, responsible for the Corporate Company R&D Centre

Technologies: Combustion Technologies for Biomass and Municipal Solid Waste, Gasification, Pyrolysis and Combustion Technologies, Boilers and Heat Exchangers, Stirling Engines, Indirectly fired Gas Turbines, Flue-Gas/ Wastewater cleaning and Material Technologies


2005 - NOW   TEISLEVenergy: Owner/Manager of Engineering Company, specializing in Design and Analysis of Thermal Systems and Mechanical Structures

Keys: Gasification and Supercritical Technology, Technologies used in Energy/Environment Systems, Freshwater Generators, Structural Analysis of Pressurized Components and Windmill Towers, Domestic Heat Pumps based on heat from Soil and Ambient Air, Technologies for handling Ballast Water in Marine applications, Software Development (General and Customer Dedicated), Advanced Combustion Systems and Heat Recovery


Other work:

Bjorn Teislev has for many years been examinator for the Engineering Studies in Energetic at the Danish Technical University (DTU, Lyngby and DTU, Risų) and participated in a number of Evaluation boards for Ph.D. works and Professor assignments.


Bjorn Teislev has on several occasions been a member of Boards for Proposal Evaluation in The European Commission and the Danish Energy Authority and was Member of the Expert Team for EU Framework 7 Programme. Recently, Bjorn was appointed as Expert Evaluator in the new European Horizon 2020 Programme and in 2015 also assists the Innovation Foundation Denmark (IDF - under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science) in evaluation of Research and Development Proposal.


Furthermore, Bjorn is active as Peer Reviewer for various Scientific Journals